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EPS automatic high-efficiency energy-saving molding machine

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1, rack structure

a. The high-strength frame further strengthens the front and rear formwork, and adopts a one-piece machine foot, which integrates the formwork and the machine foot, which greatly improves the rigidity and stability of the formwork.

b. Template stress relief annealing, imported CNC machining center processing.

c. Sand blasting and rust removal, with high anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion cycle.

2, hydraulic system EPP Machine

a. It is driven by one or two hydraulic cylinders, and the mold opening and closing speed is fast, and the power is low and energy saving.

b. According to the size of the table, multiple auxiliary hydraulic cylinders are used to lock the mold at the same time, and the mold clamping can be balanced when the pressure of the hydraulic system is low.

3, the control system

a. PLC and touch screen are used to complete the automatic cycle process of the machine, such as mold opening and closing, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, demoulding, and product ejection.

b. The machine adopts a rotary encoder to control the travel distance of the mold opening and closing. When feeding, the seam is kept the same every time, and the feeding density is uniform.

c. Using high-precision sensors, the heating pressure parameters can be directly set on the touch screen, which is accurate and convenient.

4, injection system

a. Double vertical pressure barrels, turntable discharge system, a variety of feeding methods to choose, the feeding is even and full.

b. It adopts double valve and double air exhaust to feed the material on both sides, which saves air and is easy to install.

5, energy system

a. The pilot steam decompression system is adopted to make the steam pressure more stable.

b. Steam, demolding compressed air, cooling vacuum pressure and flow are independently adjustable.

c. The balance valve is used to control the heating of the machine, which can effectively adjust the steam pressure at the outlet of the steam valve. The steam pressure and temperature in the cavity are the same each time.

6, cooling system

a. The vacuum system of the machine is mainly composed of a vacuum energy storage tank, a vacuum condensation tank and a high-efficiency water ring vacuum pump. The condensation drainage pipe is enlarged and lengthened. The cooling adopts vacuum as the main method and water cooling as the auxiliary, so that the water content of the product is lower.

b. High vacuum cooling system to achieve high temperature demoulding and save steam. The equipment reserves a central vacuum interface.

Technical parameters Technical Data:

Serial No.ItemsUnit/
1Die sizemm
Mold Dimension1200*10001400*12001500*13001700*15001800*16002250*2150
2Large product sizemm
Max Dimension of Products1020*820×3801220*1020*3801320*1120*3801520*1320*3801620*1420*3802080*1980*380
3rear window sizeWindow Sizemm1060×8601260×10601360×11601580×13601660×14602100×2000
4big strokemm
5small itinerarymm
6travel speedmm/sec
Speed ​​of Procession160160160120120120
7Steam SteamInlet Inlet DNmmDN65DN80DN100DN100DN100DN100
Consumptionkg/kgConsumption of 8-10 tons of steam per ton of raw materials8-10TSteam/1T EPS Material
compressed airPressurePressureMpa0.5-0.70.5-0.70.5-0.70.5-0.70.5-0.70.6-0.8
9Cooling waterInletmmDN65DN80DN80DN100DN100DN100
Cooling WaterConsumptionkg/cycle20-7025-7025-8030-9035-10050-120
10Vacuum pump suction capacity

Vacuum Pump Capacity
11Installed powerConnected loadkw1112.514.516.516.520.5
12Voltage Voltagev380380380380380380
13Production cycle Cycle Times38-6038-6040-7045-8045-8045-80
14Overall Dimensionmm5200*1940*30005200*2140*32005200*2240*33005200*2450*35005200*2550*36505200*2800*4000
15Weight of the whole machinekg4500650070007500800010000

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