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The main difference between lost foam casting and other casting methods is its unique white area, yellow area and black area.

1. White area: refers to the foaming of raw materials, the combination of the molding department and the model;

2. The yellow zone refers to the paint mixer, paint brushing, paint drying department;

The black area refers to the packing and casting department. The specific composition of the white area: pre-foaming machine, molding machine, model combination, etc.

EPS-JF-500 special pre-conditioner for lost foam:


1. This machine is a special equipment for lost foam ‘casting white area’, which can pre-send EPS, EPP, EPMMA, etc.;

2. The unique design of the bottom steam chamber, the interlayer is ventilated, the heating is uniform, the raw material is pre-boiled evenly, and the water content is low;

3. Constant pressure foaming, the foaming ratio is correct, the production density is uniform and stable, and the control is fine and accurate. The product has good surface finish and high quality.

4. The main shaft, reamer, and inner cylinder are all made of stainless steel, which is durable.

5. All electronic and pneumatic components are well-known brands at home and abroad, so that the machine can run stably.

Technical ParametersTechnical Data

serial numberItemsUnit/ModelEPS-JF-450EPS-JF-500
No.Unit /Type
1Dispensing barrelDiameter x Height SizemmØ450×700Ø500×700
Expansion BarrelUsable Volumem30.10.12
2SteamInlet Inlet DNmm2525
3compressed airPressurePressureMpa0.2-0.30.2-0.3
Air-CompressedInlet Inlet DNmm2525
Production Capacity Throughput12g/Lkg3540
5Density Rangeg/l12-4012-40
6Density Tolerance%≤+/-1.0≤+/-1.0
7Cycle Time Cycle Time minApprox. 1.2Approx. 1.5
8Installed powerConnected Loadkw33
9Weight of the whole machinekg560600
10Overall Dimension(LxWxH)mm2100x2900x22702100x2900x2270
Edit Lost Foam Dedicated Pre-sender

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